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Scope And Budgeting



  • Architect and designers – Some clients already have an architect or an interior designer they would like to use and we welcome the opportunity to work with new designers.

  • If you like, we are also happy to pair you with professionals we work with regularly.

  • Landscape Architect – For outdoor living projects, especially involving pool construction, you will need a landscape architect.

  • Consultation – Our team will gather your designs and selections to develop a complete scope of work and budget.



  • We utilize your architectural drawings to see how your designs and selections take shape in the budget.  
  • You may be happy with your designs at this point, or you may change your mind on some selections due to cost.
  • Our builder software makes managing the details of your selections very easy to track while streamlining costs to a budget you will have access throughout the entire renovation process.
  • Clients thoroughly enjoy this level of transparency and collaboration as we navigate designs and costs together.



  • We run all projects as a "Cost Plus" or "Open Book". 
  • Generally half of the budget is comprised of construction related items such as framing, electrical etc.  Selections, which you directly influence, represents the other half.
  • Our program allows you to see details for each item in our scope and how it translates to your budget.