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Scope And Budgeting



  • Architect – Some clients already have an architect, but many do not.  We can assist by pairing you with an architect that will help you achieve your goals. 

  • Interior Designer – If you already have an interior designer--great. We can also help pair you with an interior designer that we feel may be a good fit.  Ultimately, the final choice is yours.  See "Frequently Asked Questions"

  • Landscape Architect – Pick your landscape company/architect or one we already work with.

  • Consultation – Our team will gather your designs, bids and selections.



Core Construction Bids

  • We will gather bids from trades for foundations, framing, electrical, HVAC and other types of non-selection-based trades.

Selection Bids

  • We will gather bids from vendors for cabinets, appliances, tile, flooring and other types of selection-based vendors.



Detailed Budget for Each Area

  • We construct a complete budget based on complete designs.

Cost Comparison from Allowances to Actuals

  •  We show you through our selection schedule a cost comparison for you to see how your selection choices aligned with the original allowance numbers.

Detailed Scope of Work

  • This is explained in the detailed budget, clarified with construction drawings and detailed design sheets for any areas with complexity.