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Our Process



  • First, we meet at your home to better understand your vision of the project. 
  • While there, we evaluate what is possible, potential complexities, and perhaps provide insightful ideas as well.  
  • Following this introduction, the next step is to work together under a design agreement.  We will then schedule a design meeting at our office. 



  • There is a lot of value to have our opinion and guidance throughout the design process.  Without architectural plans, we are not able to assign costs to your project. We can then develop a scope of work that will give you an idea of how much your project might cost.
  • Our design agreement is not a commitment to go to contract, it simply establishes our working relationship as we move forward and design your project together.
  • At any time, if you change your mind there is no obligation to proceed with designs.  You are simply agreeing to pay the design bills as we work together.



  • Once we agree on a scope of work and budget, the next step is to sign a contract.  
  • At this point you will already be familiar with our builder software, making it a smooth transition for you to stay connected with us throughout the project.
  • We pick a start date and outline next steps.