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Design Process



  • For home additions or layout changes we work with an architect to obtain drawings.  
  • The level of drawings we may need, depends on the scope of the project.  Permitting or obtaining a neighborhood HOA approval may require floor plans, elevations, roof and site plans. 
  • In some cases, 3-D renderings may be wanted to help visualize the transformation. Your Inspiration photos are welcome and sometimes influence how a space will be utilized or certain designs elements are thought of in the drawing process.
  • Once we have a workable architectural drawing, the interior finishes can begin.



  • Once the floor plan is confirmed and drawings are somewhat final, we adjust your budget if anything has changed..
  • Our builder software easily allows us to track and manage all of the details as we explore the interior/exterior design elements.  
  • At this point, the interior designer is engaged to help you with cabinet designs, selections and finishes.  
  • Navigating through the design elements is key to having a meaningful budget.



  • Before construction begins, we want to make sure we are all on the same page.
  • Better designs up front make all the difference in running your project efficiently.
  • You can still change your mind on things as most people do, however just realize that changes once work begins always leads to longer timelines and changes in cost.
  • To confirm plans and selections, we will ask you to approve all of your drawings and selections as we go.
  • Our builder software is specifically designed to make the selection process easy for everyone involved.  And, to keep you well informed of your budget and the scope of work to be done.