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Design Process



To begin the design process and in order to obtain a remodel permit, we will need architectural plan views, elevations, 3D renderings and site plans. Although not required, clients typically will have some inspiration photos.  These and functional needs will be discussed in the very first design meeting.

The next step in the process involves having an architect provide a floor plan concept which incorporates both the inspiration and functional needs.  At any time in this process it is good to collaborate with your interior designer.

Although plan views and elevations are very helpful, some clients may prefer to see 3-dimensional renderings in order to better visualize the space. 

Once we have an architectural drawing, the interior finishes can be selected and budgeted.



  • We will drill further into your design/inspiration photos and cost impacts to budget. 

  • Your Selection Schedule – This is your road map for selecting finishes with your interior designer.  

  • Design Sheets – The will be used to help clarify details related to a particular area or feature.

  • Selection Document – This document will have decoration specific items such as Paint/Stain colors, door and bath hardware and other decoration specific items.  This document expands on items the selection schedule may not clearly define. 



Once we confirm all selections and the design is complete, we are ready to move forward.  We understand that clients will change the scope of their projects and change some of their selections as the project progresses.  However, by gathering more details in the beginning, we can help you manage your budget and timetable better.