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Getting Started



  • After the initial home consultation, we compile your ideas with our combined experience and suggestions to see if the renovation project makes sense.
  • Next, under our non-obligational design agreement, we develop your project and scope of work.
  • An interior designer will help to bring interior elements together with architecture as textures and finishes are introduced. In this phase we convert the “Sense of Cost” to a meaningful estimate.
  • Once plans are nearly complete, they are sent to an engineering firm as needed.
  • Our design-it-first approach helps avoid delays along with the budget, design and architectural surprises.


  • First, we provide you with a proposal, which is a detailed budget list per area with assumptions of what you might spend on construction costs and selections.
  • Next, we convert your proposal to a meaningful scope of work by obtaining bids, specs and pricing from our vendors based on the design and selections.
  • Most people ask, "how do you define in detail what work will happen and what everything will cost"? Our comprehensive budgets with detailed categories will help answer all your questions related to cost and scope of work.
  • Once you are comfortable moving forward, we go to contract and begin.


  • The contract is quite straight forward once we have a detailed scope of work, plans and budget.
  • At this meeting we will set your start date and discuss next steps.